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Choosing the Right Custom Home Builder

When you’re building or remodeling a home, your builder can make or break your experience. Doing a quick internet search on “how to hire a builder” will yield lots of advice. Although it is unlikely that a builder will use an unhappy client as a referral, past clients are still one of your best resources for these questions:

  • - Was the bid thorough or primarily made up of allowances?
  • - Did the builder get answers and prices promptly?
  • - Was the support staff good to work with?
  • - Did the builder do the legwork to secure the building permit?
  • - Did the owner have to “step in” to get the project done?
  • - Was the craftsmanship as good as expected?
  • - Did they have to create a punch list and wait an unreasonable amount of time for it to be complete?
  • - Were there subcontractor liens that had to be settled prior to closing?
  • - Was all paperwork complete and accurate at closing?
  • - Did the builder do his part to keep the project on schedule?
  • - Would they use the same builder on another project?

Visit Works In Progress

If possible, view projects under construction and at least one completed project similar to yours. One or two clients who have homes currently under construction are good references as well as suppliers, banks, and subcontractors. They can help you get a feel if the builder:

  • - Is qualified for your level of project
  • - Is organized
  • - Pays subcontractors and vendors promptly
  • - Has a good reputation

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How Is MB Builders Different From The Rest?

We’ve touched on several reasons why we are different than other builders (visit our “Our Process” page, but the following key factors should not be overlooked when making your hiring decision:

  • - MB Builders is skilled in a variety of home styles.
  • - We take care of the entire process from dirt to finish work, including site feasibility and development, design services, building, and all of the little details often overlooked.
  • - We provide detailed, accurate, “to-the-dollar” bids for your project. Although we will occasionally do a project for cost, it usually works out best when you know upfront what your home or project will cost.

Building Dreams For Over Four Decades

MB Builders & Development LLC is based in Hayden Lake, ID, and serves clients across Kootenai County communities. Since 1973, we have been a trusted name for home construction and remodeling services. To learn more about our work or to schedule a consultation, please contact us today at 208-772-2799.